Plummeting temperatures outside, I was glad for the heat today although I wasn’t fully in the mood. Each day is so different it’s what gives doing the same 26 postures every time the potential to breakthrough.

Trying not compete against yesterday’s Me I’m aware when a pose is better today, so many variables affect my performance that the only thing that’s constant is my mental attitude, sometimes the difference between two sets can be huge, I pretty much go hard every time.

I’ve had a painful scapula for a few weeks now, feels like a trapped nerve beneath it and it’s not in a place I can get to by shrugging wriggling or generally contorting my shoulders. It aches in The Room and hurts like hell when I’m trying to get to sleep. I’ve struggled with the Back Bend in Half Moon and been warned off Standing Head To Knee and Half Tortoise by a flash of pain then subsequent ‘dead weight’. Then a late night dance session in the kitchen forced a change, don’t really know how I moved- it was something accidentally chiropractic(was not the Funky Chicken) and I can feel my mobility coming back, yay.

So I’ve been a little restrained, sat a few sets out and yet I’m so hurty! Everything I am doing feels that much stronger even though I’m putting in less effort than usual. Funny that.