Some teachers you gel with. It can be rejuvenating to practice with someone new. I liked A’s energy and he did a funny thing giving his monologue for Triangle in Spanish. So it’s all good for the most part although I’ve been contorting my shoulders for most of the class, and he’s shown no interest or concern. Then, when I’m stretching out my scapula, he asks “are you ok”, clearly I’m not and I explain my shoulder thing and his response is for me to put my arm down, it’s better for my heart.
*sigh* i promise not to be so obtuse when I teach. It irritated me because I know what I’m doing and if he’d asked about people and their injuries at the start of class(why doesn’t this happen anymore?) he’d have reassurance that I know what I’m doing and why.

The connection can be so important; in Nichiren Budddhism the concept of mentor & disciple is key to the progression of both student & teacher.