Not been in The Room for 5 days. I wrote that the week that I decided to back off of my trapped nerve and rest my shoulder. Then I got the Flu, it was the real deal too, agonising muscle pain from the balls of my feet right through my entire body. I marvel sometimes at the things my body can do, during my two week bout I gave thanks daily that generally I am able bodied, usually my body will do what I tell it to do.

Three weeks later I returned to The Room, how funny to revisit the state of the Newbie with sweat pouring out of me the moment I step inside the studio. I have progressed from feeling extremely nervous in my first few classes to accepting where I’m at right now, I barely remember my last class but my body, remarkably builds upon where I left off. I find I’m strong where I least expect it, even my nemesis Standing Head To Knee is, if not pleasurable then achievable, almost.

After class Helena tells me that the strength probably comes from my muscles being totally relaxed after being away for longer than usual. There’s power and strength in healing.