Today I saw something new. I walk across Vauxhall Bridge on most days, when i’m looking for a photo to take my focus is usually the other side of the river towards Battersea Power Station and the wider open skies around it. Facing the oddly Egyptian MI5 building is this mini-cathedral of blue glass and vertical planes.

I’ve been inside one of the buildings, in the lift on the way to see some friends who were housed there by the husband’s Japanese company, I tried not to stare too hard at the two be-furred women who got in, I’d never been that close to expensive Botox & Fillers before. Another time, at the foyer front desk sat a police officer with a couple more beside the bank of lifts, they may have been packing, somebody’s protection team apparently.

There might be some extravagant and opulently designed apartments in that block but my friends lived in three interconnecting shoeboxes with low ceilings and no access to sunlight. Unimpressed by the interior I’ve spent the last two years paying very little attention to the exterior. Then I see this.