A glorious Summer afternoon, just hot enough with the right level of breeze to make a 5pm walk a sweat free journey. Hard to believe that I had the heating on for a 30 minute blast a few nights ago, or that I deliberated over how many clothes to wear on Monday, knowing that I was going to be out from lunchtime to midnight.

In fact, the last few days have been perfect indoors weather, as I’ve worked on finishing a project the Olympics have been on in the background. The BBC coverage has been excellent, except for today- inexplicably the rhythm gymnastics and synchronised swimming haven’t been televised, this irked me. Then tonight, the Women’s Football Final was nowhere to be found on terrestrial TV, I’m so infuriated i’ll have to post about that separately.

I watched one of those ’30 Ways To Be Creative’ clips on YouTube, number 5 or 6 is “take a break” and so this afternoon’s walk was refreshing. Rather than drop by Tate Britain, which i like to think of as my front parlour as it’s so close by and is mainly free. Instead I got my dose of art on a side street in Victoria.

One of the things I love about London are the hidden gems that surprise you when you ‘discover’ them. This gallery is probably a well kept secret in some circles, like those buzz entry show rooms in Mayfair, but their displays always seem to face out in to the street. It’s there for you to find if you’re looking.