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I’m resurfacing from a heavy immersion in Mixel 2.0. This iPhone and iPad collage creation App has become thoroughly addictive and today I’m initiating the Mixel Of The Week post.

Quite simply, of the collages that I put up on Mixel and at the moment that is happening every day, once a week i’ll highlight the one that received the most *likes*, I’ll talk about it a bit and I’ll also post my own favourite of the week.

My ulterior motive is to pull away from the visual playground and get my head back in to words but also I hope you get a feel for the excitement that Mixel generates, maybe you’ll taste just enough to join in yourself, let me know what you think in the Comments. Apologies in advance if you get hooked though[insert disclaimer about forewarning and addiction and helpline number that you can call.].


Now this surprised me. It’s an addition to a Mixel ‘thread’, so it’s something I created and posted in response to someone else’s starting point -“Miro”. The collage is made up from paintings by Joan Miro, I like Miro, I enjoyed the exhibition where I took these photos of his work and adding to T.P.B’s thread on Mixel was sort of a nod to that. I have stronger feelings about other artists though and on reflection stronger feelings about other Mixels so i guess it’s bemusing that more people responded to this than anything else i put up last week. I feel quite distanced from it though, possibly because the building material isn’t anything to do with me and it doesn’t feel too personal.

The Mixel below was my favourite, again an addition to a ‘thread’ and one i thought about a lot before i made a contribution. Mixel seems like a civil and well behaved space, for all the social sharing its not driven by text commentary and unlike Twitter where i engage a lot the opportunity for trolling appears to be minimal. There is a ‘flag’ button which I suppose can be used to highlight anything inappropriate and I so have my fingers crossed that this community doesn’t develop the behaviours of the sometimes self-regarding Pinterest.

I had to contemplate a while before I made the decision to post an image that includes some nudity and I probably wouldn’t do that transparently many other places online. Indeed i’m aware that you’re viewing it here but i’m over my reticence now and fully commited to exposure!

Again, this is an addition to someone else’s thread -‘Curves’ and it’s my favourite from last week because I went somewhere new with it and there’s a personal triumph attached to that.