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Mixel of theWeek

An echo from the previous week’s Mixel of the Week #3 i find my eye is drawn to the Kandinsky circles, trying to figure out what the pattern is and how often it repeats. The Mondrian trees bleed intensity with mini aneuryisms of colour exploding on the canvas. The movement through both is what held my attention, it made me think about dance and ballet and Matthew Bourne and consequently a whole other mixel got made.


Favourite mixel last week
More so because this was my most awesome random moment last week. Crossing the square outside Westminster Cathedral between Mcdonalds and Specsavers, there was something almost medieval about this Harrison Hawk’s keeper.

The bird was perched on his leather clad forearm, majestic and alert, I’ve probably imagined that he wore swashbuckling boots, and that would be weird, but the two of them together looked like they were out of time and for once the square was pigeon free.

The flying rodents that are a tourist attraction constant are kept in check by this hawk who looked right at me as if i were dead to him, it was a little unnerving. Encountering that detachment felt odd. Sangfroid not withstanding I was relieved to hear he’s not trained to perform tricks, other than catching a morsel of food mid flight, Harrison here will show up at your birthday party and swoop around regally and that’s about it.