Hello my name is Miyanda Nehwati and on this blog I post about theatre, art, films, photography and things I see & hear. I follow Tech Africa Politics & Gender, I mostly engage about those on my Twitter feed where I’m also prone to whimsy and the occasional ‘Chelseagasm’.

Sometimes I don’t post for a while, but it just means I’m busy – I always come back.

Thanks for stopping by, other places to find me are:
Twitter: @jacarandachick

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello. here is your secret santa, i need to use this way to contact you, you stated, you like photography, do you own a (d)slr or a mirrorless camera? if yes, what brand?

  2. either answer here or as a public post on adn, the email is fake obviously 🙂 If I give you any real emailadress, I´m not secret anymore



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